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25th November 2003Zulu Dawn on DVD
By jock
Just seen the release date for Zulu Dawn
on DVD , ... PLAY .COM will have it in stock next year ..check out there link
26th November 2003Sheldon Hall
Loking at the website entry, it seems to be exactly the same as the last DVD release of the film except that the transfer aspect ratio is described as fullscreen 4:3 rather than the proper widescreen format of 2.35:1 - not even 1.78:1 as it was before! Could anything be more useless?
26th November 2003jock
OOPS i never realised it was different , i thought i was helping by letting you all know it was being released .
27th November 2003keith wilkinson
If you look at the manufactures website you will see the DVD is the same ratio 1.78:1 as it was before. Also this website shows it being re-released in January.
28th November 2003Sheldon Hall
Thanks, but it was stil a pretty hopeless release first time around (1.78:1 is stil the wrong ratio and the first release had a mono soundtrack instead of the correct stereo one). Why rerelease it rather than make a proper remastered version?
8th December 2003Omar Khokhar
Zulu Dawn will be available on DVD on January 5th 2004