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30th November 2003Cork Helmet Peak
By Carl Daeche
Can anyone confirm the shape of the peak on the zulu war period helmets. I have seen both a pointed peak and a more rounded version. Was it ad-hoc or rank based?
Can anyone suggest a company producing reproduction helmets with the rounded type peak?
30th November 2003John Young

Both patterns - the rounded & the peaked - can be seen in contemporary photographs.

I believe the peaks on the Foreign Service Helmet were influenced by the pattern of the Home Service (blue cloth) Helmet. The peak on the officers' blue cloth was peaked, and the other-ranks rounded. There is, however, photographic evidence of officers wearing rounded peaks as well, and vice-versa.

At least one unit actually wore covered blue cloth helmets in South Africa. Melton Prior sketched the tailors of the 90th Light Infantry making the covers to go over the blue cloth helmets, whilst on route to South Africa.

Another unit - the 1st/13th Light Infantry, were wearing a wicker framed helmet, of an earlier pattern.

As to a company producing a reproduction rounded peak helmet, I not too conversant with what is currently produced. I would suggest a look at e-bay, where I've seen a number of rounded peaked helmets described as Spanish-American War pattern.

The other option, which I seen done well, is to unstitch the trim, and carve away the cork peak until it is rounded, and then re-stitch the trim losing the excess.

John Y.
10th December 2003Joseph
Villagehatshop is making a pretty good version. They really tried their best to do the Zulu War FS helmet right with instructions from our group of reenactors here in the US. The liner must be replaced to be authentic, and it is a bit wide for my taste, but the general shape is good, and if you soak it in water and then put it into something that will hold the desired shape/width left to right side, it turns out quite nice.