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1st December 2003Fate of Dabulamanzi?
By John Philllips
Forgive if this has already been addressed, but is it known whether the Zulu commander at Rorkes Drift was ever punished by Cetsheweyo for disobeying his orders not to go into Natal, let alone for suffering significant losses in a futile and strategically unimportant engagement?
1st December 2003John Young

To my knowledge, being a friend of the family, Prince Dabulamanzi kaMpande wasn't punished, beyond a severe tongue lashing from his half-brother King Cetshwayo kaMpande.

Prince Dabulamanzi was the eyes & ears of his brother on 22nd January 1879. He was relegated to the less ardous task of containing Pearson's men at Eshowe, close to his home territory.

Prince Dabulamanzi was present at the Battle of Gingindlovu, on 2nd April, 1879.

According to the family oral history King Cetshwayo on his death bed, entrusted the care of Prince Dinuzulu.

Prince Dabulamanzi was fatally wounded on 21st September, 1886, having been detained by two Boers on a charge of cattle theft. He died the following day.

John Y.