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2nd December 2003Looking for the following book.
By David Counter
My dad wants me to get him the following book for christmas but i cant find it listed anywhere

"Rorke's Drift - By Those That Were There"
Published by Stevenson Publishing.

it was advertised recently in the Daily Mail.

Can anyone help please!?
2nd December 2003Mike McCabe
2nd December 2003Lee Stevenson
Could you tell me in which edition of the Daily Mail this book was advertised?

I know that it has been mentioned in numerous local newspapers but have yet to see anything in a 'national' !!
3rd December 2003Clive Dickens
The information that Mike has given you is quite correct but I must warn you that at this present moment in time it has not been released by the publishers, However it should be out well in time for Christmas.
3rd December 2003Alun Jones
David & Clive
Keep your fingers crossed.
3rd December 2003Clive Dickens
You are dead right there I have in fact just received an email from Mrs Celia Green rrw/shop to say that the book as been delayed a further TEN daysby the publishers, that about sums up the publishers in general in the short they are rubbish
3rd December 2003Lee Stevenson

You could be right there Clive, and as for self-publishers....

Lee Stevenson
3rd December 2003AMB

I'm sure that it'll be worth the wait......

4th December 2003Mike
How fortunate! I came onto this site looking for informaiton on this very same book, so I'm very pleased to have found this question.

Can anyone tell me if it will it contain anything about Private Henry Martin, 2nd/24th?

4th December 2003Lee Stevenson

Hope you will forgive me if I don't go into specific details about just exactly what is, or isn't in the book, but suffice to say yes Henry Martin is included.

Also just to confirm the current situation as regards the book. Unfortunately there has indeed been a slight delay with the publication. However we remain confident that we will be back on track very shortly.

Lee Stevenson & Alan Baynham Jones

5th December 2003Alun Jones
The tension is so great I can hardly wait.
There has been a big write up in my local paper about this book & local ragio.
8th December 2003Omar Khokhar
12th December 2003Alun Jones
if you go to <> and got to The latest news, there is a write up and pic of cover. Also on Brecon Museum Site.