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5th December 2003Africa Service Medal on Ebay - Natal Mounted Police
By Peter Thaler
In case anyone is interested, there is a "Zulu" medal up for bid on ebay awarded to a member of the Natal Mounted Police killed at Isandhlwana.
Also, I can anyone tell me what medals Clr/Sergt. Bourne is wearing in the movie ZULU?
6th December 2003paul tocher
Dear peter
ive looked everywhere on e-bay but i cant find the medal ?
6th December 2003Clive Dickens
Just tap in "Zulu" on the search facility and you will find it ,the bids for the medal at present stand at around 322.
6th December 2003paul tocher
Thanks for your help but im having big problems ive looked under zulu but i still cant find it ?
7th December 2003Edward Garcia

Do a search by item on eBay. Here is the item #: 2207485685

The Price as of right now is $4,750.00!

Good luck.
7th December 2003paul tocher
Thanks for all your help ive now found it , it was like trying to fing loch ness.
8th December 2003David Bluestein
Medal sold for $5000 USD. I thought it would go for more, as the last 24th Isandlwana I saw sold for $5500 USD. The Natal Mounted Police being a very rare find; However the new owner will need to ensure that his medal is correct, and genuine.
9th December 2003Martin Heyes
Can anyone answer Peter's question re C/Sgt's Bourne's medals? I'm interested in that one. I understand that it was the norm in 1879 for officers and other ranks to wear medals whilst campaigning - is that correct? And are the medals which Nigel Green is wearing in the film, (2 I think), actually ones which the real Bourne would have worn?
Many thanks in advance for any info.
9th December 2003Martin Everett
Dear Martin,
There was only one soldier of the 24th who had a campaign medal at Rorke's Drift. I have forgotten his name.

CSgt Bourne had no medals at the time of RD - he was later awarded the DCM, South Africa War medal, India General Service Medal for Burma and finally was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).
9th December 2003Martin Everett
Dear peter,
Actor Nigel Green - playing CSgt Bourne - from memory was wearing Ashantee/ or E&W Africa campaign medal and the 1902 Coronation Medal. I am sure someone will correct me if my memory has failed.
10th December 2003Martin Heyes
Many thanks for that info. I seem to recall seeing C/Sgt (later Lt. Col.) Bourn's medals in the RRW's Regimental Museum in Brecon.
Does beg the question, though, (at least to us sad pedantic individuals); what on earth were "they" doing in the film - making the character wear a medal not even issued until 23 yrs after the conflict - and which was never even awarded to the real-life character!
(Although I wonder why he was never awarded would have thought a RD survivor woukld be a worthy recipient. But I suppose the same could be send for other Jubilee or Coronation medals, and he was never awarded those either).
11th December 2003Jeff Dickinson
Just to add to Martins' information. The Ashantee medal is correct and the ribbon of the other is the 1902 Coronation, but the medal is the Army Temperance Medal India. Not sure why the mismatched medal and ribbon other than the Temperance ribbon is a rather unattractive pale blue and the Coronation, multi colored and in attractive contrast with the Red of the tunic. ??? Why the sobriety medal, who knows maybe in support of his character? Seems like a small detail that no one would know about especially with the different ribbon. Anyway if you would like a close up picture drop me an email outside the forum. Cheers.
11th December 2003Peter Ewart
They wanted a couple of medals for his tunic. They didn't have the right ones & clearly didn't know if they were correct or whether he'd been awarded any by 1879. One has to doubt whether anyone bothered or had the time to care.

They managed to get hold of a couple which looked good & would do the trick (i.e., show an NCO with a couple of gongs on his chest). Whether they were authentic or had ever been earned obviously never occurred to them - they had a few weeks/months to make a film and minutiae (to them) such as that would simply not bother them - still less would it have occurred to them (I fancy) that anyone would notice, let alone notice and want to point out the error. I suspect they'd have used the proverbial milk bottle top if it had been necessary.

They were making a marvellous feature film, not an historically accurate documentary, and the anomalous medals on Nigel Green's chest fall into the same category as all the other little (or major?) idiosyncracies and oversights which litter (but not always mar) the film.

If you look closely at one of the soldiers' tunics you can just see a Wolf Cub tenderfoot or "sixer" badge (can't quite be sure which) as well as a "Bob-a-Job" sticker on the broken window.

9th January 2004Bryan Long

I purchased the Isandhwala medal to the Natal Mounted Police Trooper, it arived here in Uk today quite Superb. Would be interested if anybody had any photos of the police Memorial at Isandhwala, or had any history to there involvement in the Zulu Wars especially at the battle.

9th January 2004John Young

Contact me on my e-mail address & I can provide details of the N.M.P.'s service, I also have photographs of their memorial.

John Y.