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8th December 2003the 24th's involvment in america
By l.j.knight
i am currently reading..John Burgoyne of saratoga by james lunt, the24th were with the advance corps in the expedition from canada in 1777. but the book reveals no details of the regiments engagements, and was Burgoyne once honory colonel of the 24th, details please, regards.
8th December 2003Martin Everett
The 24th were the point battalion of Burgoyne's force moving south aiming to join up with General Howe's force in New York. I have visited all the sites in New York State - wonderful scenery and most battlesites have been preserved to a high standard for the visitor. The AZW experts do not know what they are missing. They are well worth a visit. Obviously I do have more information on the 1776-1777 campaign at the museum.

Burgoyne was never Colonel of the 24th. However he was a bit short of battle experience and appointed the Commanding Officer of the 24th as his field commander - Brigader General Simon Fraser was mortally wounded at Saratoga.

If you wish more information from the web then try my friends at:

I trust this helps.
9th December 2003Clive Dickens
You are quite correct on that one I too have been and as you say all the sites have been prserved to high standard I also visited the Heights of Quebec and I cannot see now how General Woolfe managed to get men up there without being spotted.
10th December 2003l.j.knight
thank you Martin,the site you recommended is a mine of information which ties in very nicely with Lunts book,i would urge anybody interested in the history of the 24th to view it.regards