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14th December 2003pte,25b,1304 Joshua Lodge 2-24 B company[2nd Warwickshires]
By l.j.knight
25b/1304 private Joshua Lodge.2-24-b co,[2nd Warwickshire's]i live within a couple of minutes from Phillips Park Cemetary, where i visit the restored grave of 593 William Jones on a regular basis, unknown to me [till yesterday] another R.D.defender lies only a few feet away from William, i of course refer to the above private Lodge, mr Alan Jones sent me a smashing biography of him, but if any one of you has an image of him i would be very grateful to view it ,also his birth date if possible.festive regards to all,
14th December 2003Martin Everett
I am afraid that army enlistment documents do not give date of birth only apparent age on enlistment. If he enlisted in 1877 then there is a fair chance that Joshua Lodge was born in 1859.

But you are in the right place to find out the information yourself - burial records, the Manchester Record Office, local newspapers reporting his death etc. A bit of detective would certainly help all of us.
16th December 2003l.j.knight
thanks for that, i;m now in Holmes mode. regards