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15th December 2003Caleb Wood medal
By David Glynne Fox
Dear All, I have just seen on e-bay a medal to 1316 Pte.C.Wood 24/Foot. I feel I must warn prospective bidders that this medal is a forgery. I know who owns the original and this is most certainly not on the market. Also, the naming of the regiment is wrong,it should read 2/24th not 24/. The clasp should read 1877-8-9 and not 1879. The back of the clasp has been resoldered, no doubt after the tampering. I have written to the seller with these details and suggested he withdraw it from sale as it is not genuine. There are signs of tampering, the 2 on the 24 looks like a figure 8 and the rim varies in thickness from filing down to remove the original name. I am posting this as I would hate to think you are bidding for the genuine article when this is not the case. Best wishes and happy Christmas to all.Regards David
16th December 2003Steven Sass
Dear David,
Although I was not bidding on the medal I do appreciate you sharing your expertise. As most collectors know, especially with the growing popularity of the AZW, it is at times a struggle to avoid not only being intentionally duped but also simply making an honest yet still costly mistake. I've noticed some sellers using leading descriptions to suggest authenticity without actually stating that it is indeed authentic. Perhaps even worse is the seller that offers an incorrect item as genuine only because of their own lack of expertise. Innocent perhaps but no less irresponsible.

I believe the sharing of such information is a great help and will always be appreciative to those kind enough to do so.


16th December 2003Neil Aspinshaw
Well spotted, I saw it too. Why spend $300 on a replica when you can get one online from the shop for 10!, now theres an money spinning idea!.