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16th December 2003Imbube regiment at Isandlwana
By Adrian Wright
Can anybody please tell me by what other name the Imbube regiment was known by as it does not appear on F.B. Finney's list of 1878. Also what was the regiment's shield colour ?
Thankyou if you can help.
16th December 2003Trevor Finney
Who was F B Finney please?
What list please?
Trevor Finney
16th December 2003Keith Smith

imBube; ‘the lion’, a regiment attributed to Mpande and given by Fynney as a part of the Nodwengu brigade, and whose age, dress and shields were the same as the uDududu. Since the regiment is not named by Bryant, nor in any volume of the James Stuart Archive, there is reason to suspect that the name was an isithakazelo, or nickname, for the uDududu. Krige does not include it in her table of regiments, mentioning it only in a footnote in which she repeats details of the Fynney entry.

Francis Bernard Fynney was the Border Agent, Lower Tugela, and the author of a pamphlet entitled 'The Zulu Army and Zulu Headmen', written 'by direction of the Lieut.-General Commanding' in 1878 for distribution to officers of the invading British army.

A.T. Bryant was the author of 'Olden Times in Zululand and Natal', published in 1929, in which he gives a comprhensive table of Zulu regiments, commencing with Senzangakhona and ending with Dinuzulu.

Eileen Jensen Krige wrote 'The Social System of the Zulus', first publsihed in 1936. She also gives a table of regiments, based on Fynney and Bryant, but also on other sources.
17th December 2003Adrian wright
Thanks keith, much appreciated.
17th December 2003Trevor Finney
Thought for one moment I had a namesake who wasn't a Footballer or Actor.
Oh well!!!
Thanks anyway.