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17th December 2003Ammunition Packets
By Jonathan Hicks
I am currently putting the finishing touches to a replica 1879 era Ammunition Box. I'd like to put replica ammunition packets inside it but have no idea as to what they looked like. Is there someone who can provide me with a picture to work from?


Jonathan Hicks
17th December 2003Martin Everett
Dear Jonathan,
I have sent you some images via emial.
17th December 2003A.Burke
plus theres a very good image in Edmund Yorke's..Rorkes Drift 1879, anatomy of an epic Zulu war siege.
17th December 2003Jonathan Hicks
Thanks for the replies, gents. I shall check both when I get home from work. Now I need to find a replica bullet for a MH2 to go with it! Any thoughts as to a supplier?

17th December 2003Chris Tapster
ACS (mobile: 07774 403578) sell repro MH-rounds at j5-99 each. A bit pricey, but if you can get a bullet head cases can be had from Henry Krank (tel: 0113-256 9163) at j2-63 each or from J W Firearms (tel: 01271 862039) at j1-90 each. Rough and ready alternative is one of my solid-cast dummies at 3-00 plus p&p.
17th December 2003Adrian Whiting

I will try and email you an image I have scanned in from an original bundle wrapper, dated 1878.

As for replica bullets - if you are in UK then custom bullets provide swaged bullets for target shooting which are ideal, and can be paper patched for you. Clearly you will also need the cartridge cases if you want to use complete rounds. If you email me separately I will try and help you with e a few sources for these. There are also proprietors for inert drawn case (as opposed to rolled) ammunition.

12th January 2004Carl Daeche
Jonathan, interesting to read about the ammo box. I too have produced a reproduction box(see discussion item dated 15th September 2003). I would like to know if you have detailed plans etc. I am still searching for a supplier for the tin/zinc lining?