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19th December 2003Good books on Rorkes Drift
By Brian
I need some recommendations of good books on the subject of Rorkes Drift. I am already familiar with the general histories. I'm looking for books with more details. Did any of the survivors write down their recollections of the event in more detail than what is given on this website?
19th December 2003Steven Sass
Which general histories are you already familiar with? Having this information would help provide a bit of perspective for further suggestions.
19th December 2003John Young

Hook left a number of accounts. Robert & William Jones gave interviews in 'The Strand Magazine'.

Colour-Sergeant Frank Bourne made a radio broadcast on the B.B.C., and transcript of which appeared in 'The Listener'.

The Anglo-Zulu War Research Society has reproduced accounts by these men in our society's journal.

Chard left two accounts, although there are some who challenge the fact as the true authorship of these.

I have yet to see Lee Stevenson & Alan Baynham-Jones' lastest work, maybe one of the authors can indicate what they have used.

Lee obviously reproduces James Henry Reynolds' accounts in 'The Rorke's Drift Doctor'.

Padre George Smith's account appears in Canon Lummis work on him.

James Garland has something of a collection of accounts which used to appear on his 'Victorian Voices' site.

Hope this helps,

John Y.
19th December 2003Steven Sass
Has the Anglo-Zulu War Research Society ever printed the transcript of CS Frank Bourne's radio address in its journal? If so is it possible to purchase a copy of that journal?

19th December 2003Martin Everett
Dear Brian,

I think you will that Lee Stevenson & Alan Baynham-Jones have covered your needs and more. I understand from Lee, that there are one or two clitches which need to be resolved so the authors are not expecting publication until the New Year, probably to coincide with the 125th as originally planned.
19th December 2003Keith Smith

A transcript of Bourne's account is given in Norman Holme's 'Noble 24th", which is well worth the purchase price.

20th December 2003Brian
Thanks for the replies. Yes they do help.
20th December 2003John Young

Yes, we have I'll have to scan an original copy, as the proofs for that issue have disappeared.


But it is not the complete text, the incomplete text has been reproduced elsewhere, and fails to answer some nagging queries, which I believe Norman Holme could not answer himself, as to 'survivors' of Rorke's Drift mentioned by Frank Bourne.

John Y.