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19th December 2003Poem re Rorke's Drift
By John Lewis
In these pages, dated 11.3.03, Peter Quantrill when discussing Adendorff's presence or non-presence, at Rorke's Drift, quotes the following lines:
"And e'en in the homes of mourning,
Where death has stricken hard,
They talk of Gonville Bromhead,
And Adendorff and Chard."
Does anyone know where I might view the whole poem ?
19th December 2003l.j.knight
red book,page 145, poem from truth feb 20th 1879, just found this quick answer on our own past pages, im sure somone can fill in the details,regards
20th December 2003John Lewis
Thanks for the reply. Pardon my ignorance but what is the, 'Red Book' ?
20th December 2003l.j.knight
the red book is a compilation of contempory newspaper accounts covering the A.Z.W.from the colonial perspective, and untill recently available in reprinted form on this sites shop. but it is still readily available, but there ar others who can give you a more detailed answer if only they would put down the mince pies or whatever it is that is more important then answering this question. hope u find what your looking for John. regards.
21st December 2003John Lewis
Once again I'm indebted to you. Thank you & have a wonderful Xmas. and New Year.
21st December 2003Ron Lock
John, You can get the Red Book from John Young, Telephone 01279 832241 (His home number)
21st December 2003CLIVE DICKENS
You can also g et the "Red Book" from this sites shop I purchased mine from Alan Critchley sometime ago and well worth the money too.