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21st December 20031879 Type face
By James Garland
Can anyone tell me the name of the Type face used in 1879 in "The Times" or in "The Illustrated London News". I am currently typing up articles from both newspapers but can't find a font to match.
21st December 2003Alan Critchley
it was possibly 'Times' or failing that try 'Bodoni'.

21st December 2003Martin Everett
Dear James,
Newspapers have traditionally 'done their own thing' with regard to type faces and have tended to introduced their own font characterisics - so you may not find a type face that exactly fits. They also tend to change them every 10-15 years to give the publication a fresh look. Also computer printers tend to have available fonts which mostly people currently use - which may not be the ones you are seeking. The best bet is write to the publications concerned and get the details.

22nd December 2003Ian Woodason
James, Season's Greetings!

There is an internet solution to your problem, as long as you have a scanner and can scan in a copy of the text that you want to transcribe, I have used it and can recommend it -

- it will either give you the name of the exact font or the nearest 'computer' one.

All the best,

22nd December 2003James Garland
Thanks for your help everyone. Ian the website you recommended sounds promising. I will visit it and let you know how I get on.
Happy Christmas everyone.