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23rd December 2003Merry Christmas
By Clive Dickens
With Christmas upon us I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and would also like to thank the following for sharing knowledge with me in the past year, John Young,Julian Whybra, Martin Everett and also Alan and Peter Critchley for the upkeep of this very fine web stie may we all continue to enjoy it , also I must also mention the boys of The Royal Regiment of Wales who are serving in Basra and are doing a great job in building an orphanage for the children who are without parents. Well done lads your forefathers of Isandlwana would be proud of you.
23rd December 2003Diana Blackwell
Same to you, Clive...and season's greetings to all.
23rd December 2003Martin Everett
Dear Clive,
Thank you for your good wishes - a kind thought and much appreciated.

Whot no mention of the showing 'Zulu' on Boxing day on ITV1 at 2.45pm?
23rd December 2003John Young
Merry Christmas Clive, at least one Dickens doesn't think that Christmas is a humbug!

I echo Diana's season's greetings.

John Y.
23rd December 2003Peter Ewart
So do I, Merry Christmas to one & all. And a very big thank you to Alan & Peter for such a fine site, as well as to all those who have contributed to some excellent discussions and extended our knowledge and enjoyment.

24th December 2003Peter Critchley
Hi all!

Merry Christmas, and all the best for the new year! Thanks to all who have made this year yet another interesting one on the forum, and here's to a success-filled year to all our friends!!

Alan and Peter
24th December 2003Alex Rossiter
Merry Christmas Everyone!

25th December 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Well it is Boxing Day here but still Christmas in the U.K. and parts of the U.S.
A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.