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25th December 2003Natal Carbineer "F.B."
By Edward Garcia
Perhaps someone cane help me with this. I recently picked up a carte de visite photograph of a Natal Carbineer which was taken by J.H. Murray (30 Church Street) Pietermaritzburg, Natal. I know that Murray was active at that location from 1879 until 1893. The photograph shows what I assume to be a trooper of the Carbineers. On the reverse of the image is the following inscription: To Mrs. Sheppard from an old friend. F.B. Does anyone know who F.B might be? No one with these initials appears as a casualty in Tavanderís book and he may not even be a veteran of the AZW.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
28th December 2003a.burke
hello Edward,could you possibly describe the troopers uniform in more detail, ie tunic,pants, and accutrements, is the photo sepia or b/w.all the best.
28th December 2003Edward Garcia
The uniform - the photo being sepia - appears to be dark blue or black with a white collar, white pointed cuffs on his five button jacket and single white stripes down each side of his pants. He also has a white banded pill box style hat on and carries a swagger stick in is hand.

I could also send a scan of the image to you if that might be of use.


29th December 2003Edward Garcia
He is also wearing a white cross belt.

29th December 2003Peter Quantrill
It is possible that your unidentified Carbineer is F. Bucknal, Karkloof Troop, Natal Carbineers. I have a group photograph taken in 1867 of this troop. The group are wearing identical items of clothing and headgear as described by you. Bucknal is heavily bearded. The troop commander is Captain C. Barter. ( Source----Langalibalale and the Natal Carbineers, published 1973.)
30th December 2003Edward Garcia
Thanks Peter.

The man in my photo has a rather long mustache but no apparent beard and since the photographers working dates which should be 1878 to1898 (I erred above when I stated 1879) he could very well have shaved the beard off in the intervening years. Could you drop me a scan of the photo that you mentioned? I would like to compare the two images.

Thanks again,