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7th January 2004Pub in Leytonstone called 'Zulus'
By Marc Jung
With reference to this in Leytonstone, London E11 or E10 I saw a public house, but modernly-so named 'Zulus' with a zulu shield and weapons logo over the door. Does anyone know whether this is a theme pub, or just conveniently named for the sake of it, i.e. for African people, etc. Although it did have two large union flags outside as well. Couldn't get out of the car to examine, the 'partner' was rather wearily aware and she's bored by what we like so much. Thanks all. (I think it was on the corner of what is called Harvey Road in Leytonstone).
7th January 2004John Young

It is a themed South African bar. I for one can say it is well worth a visit at 'Happy Hour' with its fine selection of southern African drinks & snacks available.

They do have Zulu, and other South African, bands & groups performing there of a weekend, details normally appear in the London-based 'SA Times'.

John Y.