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10th January 2004New Zulu Epic
By Natalija Mohovika
It would be interesting to have some reactions from afficionados of this battle to the new movie being planned. Due to contractual complications and delays Mel Gibson is interested in directing in place of Steven Soderbergh. What in particular do Welsh people think?
10th January 2004Diana Blackwell
"Zulu" is a very hard act to follow. Remaking this (or any other) classic is pointless unless the new version does something to justify itself. Sticking scrupulously to history and eschewing all artistic license would be a new approach. Any resulting film would be very different from "Zulu" (no wedding, no Hookie, no singing contest, no salute, no annoying Witts, etc. etc.). It could serve as an educational corrective to "Zulu"'s romantic mythologizing. But to challenge and try to outdo "Zulu" on its own terms seems like an exercise in hubris.
10th January 2004Arthur Bainbridge
Know doubt someone somewhere will try a remake I assume the new film will be full of blood and guts and four letterred words getting an adult audience.I suppose all we can hope for is that the film is made by intelligent people.
10th January 2004justin Young
I would be very intertested to see Mel Gibson do this film, especially if he is going to star in it!
The only thing I'm unsure about is who he would portray- surley not a member of the 24th Foot. With epics and historically accurate masterpieces such as 'Braveheart' and 'The Patriot' (ha ha!!) behind him, it must be a heroic Zulu he will portray fighting against the Evil Brits!- I can picture it now......

Seriously though if anyone does decide to do a remake of this film its going to have to be a masterpiece of non cheesieness to compare to the original.

10th January 2004AMB
If this is for real & not just a jolly jape, may I suggest that the makers of any proposed film engage the likes of Ian Knight, John Young and Ron Lock on the project now, at the very earliest stage.
Getting the experts in early will keep the historical silliness down to the minimum - one hopes.
If realistic history is to come last in the scheme, then any new film will be simply a money making exercise & you might as well go & find another battle to re-enact.

10th January 2004Diana Blackwell
AMB, I totally agree. Involving Knight, Young, Lock, et al., early is a great idea.
11th January 2004Steven Sass
If there must be a remake of Zulu, I would feel much better with Mel Gibson making it than the majority of previously discussed (in older posts as well) film personalities. To the best of my knowledge he is a man of high principles, and it's these priciples that seem to have him increasingly at odds with Hollyweird.
11th January 2004Melvin Hunt
I'm slightly puzzled about all this.
Assuming that a film is made to appeal to the mass cinema going public so that it will make a huge profit, why would employing our experts (no knock intended here guys) help the film company achieve its aims?
Surely Mel Gibson knows more about film making than all of us put together.
If his "Zulu" proves as entertaining as his "Brave Heart" and it is at least as historically accurate as the original "Zulu", then it should be welcomed. I'd certainly queue to see it.

11th January 2004Clive Dickens
I can only agree with Mel on this regarding Mel Gibson and based on his previous films , but I also think in the same way as Diana and AMB you still need an acknowledged expert such as Ian , Ron and Peter or John Young if you are going to have it anything like historical fact.
11th January 2004Diana Blackwell
You've mentioned this possible remake several times on this forum. But you seem to be the only person who thinks a remake is coming. Could you please tell us what you are basing this on? Do you work in film yourself? Have you seen relevant articles in the trade press? No offense, but I can't help wondering how you know so much about the doings of Steven Soderbergh and Mel Gibson.
11th January 2004Peter Ewart
Surely I can't be the only one who suspects that Natalija is, indeed, having a jolly jape on this site and laughing up her sleeve at the reactions of the contributors.

Nothing wrong with that, and good luck to her, but her enquiry is almost exactly the same as before, when most of us had a bit of a rant. I can't help thinking it is all a bit far fetched, especially in view her careful mention of the possible Welsh element again.

I'm not at all up to date with the film world, not having heard of Soderbergh and only being vaguely aware that I've heard of Gibson's name somewhere, so am not at all qualified to comment on his acting or directing ability.

However, I've just "brushed up" on him (thank goodness for "google", etc!) and see he was born an American and grew up in Australia. If he is to take one of the parts in the proposed film, the big question is: "What is his accent like?" For the life of me, I can't see how there is any other comparable question.

If he is a competent director and a good actor, that's a start. But if an American or Australian accent is heard from someone portraying a British soldier or officer in a film based on a true story, what happens then? Surely all credibility in the film flies out of the window? Or have I missed something blindingy obvious?

If he can "do" the accent (and better than Caine's, PLEASE!, but that's another story) as, of course, many genuine actors can, then we're getting somewhere. But if he can't - or is even (surely not?) thinking of speaking as an American or an Aussie - then surely the audience will fall off their seats laughing?

Given the mention of Hollywood, I make this point before even considering the possibility of any "Americanisation" of the story, such as the 7th Cavalry charging over the brow of the Oscarberg at the climax. I ought also to emphasise - especially for all my Aussie and American friends! - that you wouldn't want to see actors such as Wilfred Hyde White playing General Birdwood or Kenneth More playing General Patton, would you? (I can assure you, you wouldn't!)

No, I think our friend Natalija is taking us all for a ride again. All good fun, though ...

12th January 2004Alex Rossiter
There is a Alamo film coming out soon, if they make a alamo film then its almost certain a zulu war film is in the pipeline somewhere
12th January 2004Mark Hobson
How so? I don't see the connection.
12th January 2004Arthur Bainbridge
It could be because they both end in a vowel
12th January 2004Peter Ewart
Before any Aussie quite rightly points out that "Birdie" wasn't an Aussie (he just hit it off well with them) I'll substitute, say, Monash!

12th January 2004Alex Rossiter
My point was, soon there wont be any remakes left to do apart form zulu ,unless they do remakes of remakes of remakes

Not sure if i made any sense
12th January 2004AMB

Our Natalija is very quiet!

Well, good call, we all enjoyed the discussion and Peter got to learn some more about Hollywood - so time not wasted, hey?

12th January 2004AMB

Our Natalija is very quiet!

Well, good call, we all enjoyed the discussion and Peter got to learn some more about Hollywood - so time not wasted, hey?

13th January 2004David Colbourne
Re Justin's suggestion of Mel Gibson playing a heroic Zulu, why not, didn't Olivier play Othello?
14th January 2004Steven Sass
Olivier also played the Mahdi in "Khartoum." I wouldn't say it was one of his better roles as he seemed to affect an odd characterization complete with a strange psychotic tick. There may be some who will argue but in this one Charlton Heston plays a better Brit (Gordon) than Olivier plays a Muslim. Nonetheless, Mel in blackface and afro wig would most assuredly draw howls of protest.

14th January 2004Andy Lee
In my opinion there would be only one role for Mel Gibson in 'Zulu the re-make' and that would be Adendorff.

Zulu will always remain a top classic untouchable by any re-make but it could be interesting to see another version.

Should the producer ever view this thread please cast 'Britney Spears' as Margareta Witt
and make me happy.

15th January 2004Mel Gibson
Am I really making this film?
15th January 2004Peter Ewart
Actually, Mel, due to even further contractual complications and delays, it's now going to be a panto. So if you're still up for it, any part would be OK, but if you fancied Ulla Jacobssen's former role, I'm sure you'd be well received.

Familiar with panto? Next Christmas, then?

16th January 2004Simon Copley
So Andy Lee! You would have "The Washing of The Britney Spears"!! Can I hold the sponge for you?

Actually chaps, there would be no conflict between the needs of drama against the need for historical realities because the historical reality can't be bettered by fiction in my opinion
16th January 2004Andy Lee

Top Class mate - Very good if our paths ever cross I must buy you a beer for that one.

All the best

16th January 2004Simon Copley
Im in Penarth and used to live in Cwmbran,
burial place of John Williams VC (I lived just up road from his last home) and still home to descendants of other VC winner Henry Hook.
E-mail me on Simon.Copley if you ever want a pint in Penarth.

Perhaps Peter Jackson should direct the film. He would be good at all the mutilation and gore.

Would the actors be eligible for Oskar-bergs?!