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10th January 2004looking for any connections to Edmund O'toole VC at Ulundi
By victoria house
Hi all,
Does anyone have any or know of any family decentant of Edmund O'toole who won the VC at Ulundi in 1879 Zula War. If so I am too also trying to prove a family connection to myself. Please email me if you know of anything.
I has a search done in South Africa and it said to have found no living relatives.

I know I connect to a Francis Patrick O'toole of the Tyneside Irish regiment. Trying to link the two Otoole's together if possible.

Thankyou for any replies in advance.
15th January 2004John Young

I don't know if what just film hype, or what, but when they made 'Zulu Dawn', it was thrown in from somewhere - and I don't have the source - that Peter O'Toole (Lord Chelmsford in the film.) was some how related to Edmund O'Toole.

I'll make some enquiries for you and see what I can find.

John Y.