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11th January 2004Troop Sergeant Major
By Justin Young
I'm wondering if anyone could help me with any information about three soldiers that fought in the Zulu War- or so I believe:

Troop Sergeant Major C.D Venn Of the Frontier Light Horse. .

Lieut T.H.S Donovan of the Transvaal Rangers

Quatermaster Sergeant A.M McDonald of Bakers Horse.

Any details such as enlistment dates, Troop they served in (in Venn's case), previous/post units they may have served in etc. would be much appreciated


11th January 2004Mark Hobson

I've had a brief glance at my copy of 'What happened to A VC' by Patricia D'arcy where Venn is listed on the rolls of the Frontier Light Horse.

Date of Enrolment: 19/12/1877

Date of Discharge: 15/06/1879

The FLH was recalled for the campaign against Sekukuni in November '79.

Venn is listed as having taken part in the 1877/78 campaign against the Gaikas, Galekas and Kaffirs (ninth Kaffir War), as well as the Zulu War and Sekukuni campaign.

If I come up with more I'll make another post.

13th January 2004Justin Young
Hi Mark

Thanks for the info on Venn- I actually have this book somewhere but where I do not know!

Does it give any details of the Troop he led?

Hope someone else can help on the other soldiers.