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12th January 2004Buying a Martini henry
By John Dawes
Can anyone offer any information on Atlanta Cutlery? I want to buy a Martini Henry rifle but don't have an email address for them.
13th January 2004Joseph
I bought one myself. Had it out to the range recently and am very pleased with condition and performance. See old thread to read my offer. Hope it works out for you.
13th January 2004Neil Aspinshaw
I see by your e-mail address that you a based here in the uk. I looked into getting a MH from Atlanta but I suspect the red tape involved in importing a gun from the uk will be quite difficult.
I bough mine from Micheal d long in Nottingham, you will have to check out thier website regulally for new stock. I think he has a MK4 in at the monent but it has had some 1940's ammendments.
Otherwise try buying a copy of gun Mart from W H Smith, there are often half a dozed for sale with uk dealers. Last time I bought a copy I saw two early MK11's for 995!.
Expect to pay anywhere between 600-1000 though, I met with David Fox recently, he bough his MK11 from a fair at the Motorcycle museum in July. I think his was about 900.
It makes you laugh, a gun made here is cheaper to buy in the States (which never used it!).

happy hunting
13th January 2004John
Thanks for the info guys. Might have to change my strategy a bit but I'll get one in the end. Cheers John.
14th January 2004David Glynne Fox
Hi John,
Neil Aspinshaw is right about my Mk11. It was actually a Mk1 that has been upgraded, but it was 950. Neil also mentions Michael D.Long. I have some sad news to impart. Michael died of bone cancer just before Christmas, but the business will still carry on. He did have a Mk 1V in recently because I tried to get a bayonet for mine and had a look. You could try the militaria fairs and there are a few of those. I usually see upwards of half a dozen of vaying marks and condition at most of these fairs, but they ain't cheap. Hope this is of use.
14th January 2004Chris Tapster
Cheapest M-H I've seen recently was an Afghan copy i good condition at York Guns for 350-00, but I wouldn't like to fire anything from it. Two dealers at the December Leeds Arms Fair each had a MKIV in average condition at 700-00, with 500-00 for a sporterised carbine.
14th January 2004Adrian Whiting

It is quite possible to import antique firearms into UK. You would need to check with the seller in USA that there are no restrictions their end, and then you liase with HM Customs & Excise here. Since MHRs are antiques for the purposes of the Firearms act 1968 et seq, you will not require a firearms certficate to import it.

15th January 2004NEIL ASPINSHAW
I didn't know about Micheal Long, I always found him very helpful. Did you manage to get a bayonet?, they are elusive buggers. most seem to be bushed to .303?.
15th January 2004John
Thanks again everyone. Good to know I might have a chance of importing one.
Cheers John.
16th January 2004David Glynne Fox
Hi Neil,
No, I didn't get a bayonet for my Martini. I tried over a dozen, but some were, as you say, bushed for 303. So, at the next militaria fair, I will have to lug the dear old cannon around until I can get a good one to fit. They all look remarkably similar until you come to try and fit them.
17th January 2004Brian
They have MH bayonets on Ebay all the time. If you have a good picture, you can tell if its for a Henry or a Enfield. Henry bayonet should mount with the blade on the side. Martini Enfield with blade on the bottom.
FYI, I bought a MH from Atlanta cutlery and it was excellent. I've fired it already.