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16th January 2004Younghusband
By Steven Etchells
Am I the only person who finds the story of Younghusband a bit hard to believe. That the Zulus let him shake hands with his men before killing him. How did they now he wanted to shake hands with his men, did he ask them?.Who witnessed this incident?Surely this has become a myth.
16th January 2004John Young

Welcome to the forum, as in the case of your Adendorff query, we have run through this before.

I'd never heard this suggestion before I heard from David Rattray back in 1991, when I was in KwaZulu. According to David the source of this was Zulu oral history he had researched himself from local Zulu. To my knowledge there is no written contemporary record of this.

John Y.
16th January 2004Steven Etchells
Thanksfor your input regarding my questions. I find the story of Younghusband very difficult to believe.Isandhlwana wasn't exactly a cricket match.
16th January 2004Tony Livesey
An excellent and infomative site. I"ve been interested in the AZW for years and its great to know there are other like minded folk out there. Regarding Capt. Reginald Younghusband, does anybody know of a publication containing his photo? Thanks for your help.
16th January 2004John Young

Younghusband's photograph appears in MacKinnon & Shadbolt's 'The South African Campaign of 1879' on page 132. The reprint that I indexed should still be available from Greenhill Books.

He is also in a group photograph taken in India circa 1871/2, which appears in Michael Barthorp's 'The Zulu War- a Pictorial History', which I believe goes under another name, now.

Or you might try Norman Holme's 'The Silver Wreath', which has a photograph of Younghusband as a lieutenant. Sadly, I don't think there's a photograph of him in author's last work - 'The Noble 24th'.

There are also engravings of him which appeared in 'The Graphic' & 'The Illustrated London News', which have been subseuently reproduced in a number of books.

I hope that helps,

John Y.
16th January 2004Tony Livesey
Thanks for that John, I now know where to look.
17th January 2004Clive Dickens
17th January 2004Clive Dickens
John &Tony
The book is still available from Greenhill I also have a spare copy (New) if anyone is interested just pay postage and make a small payment to Peter or Alan toward the upkeep of this site will be enough
17th January 2004Alan Critchley
There is an engraving of Younghusband on the framed print of 23 of the Isandhlwana officer casualties from our shop.

[email protected]
18th January 2004l.j.knight
theres also a clear one in Phillip Gonn's ...the road to Isandhlwana...between pages208-209
16th February 2004louise & charlotte
hello, quick question direct to tony - are you the real tony livesey or just someone with the same name? if you are the real he, then why is no mention of 'traitor' or your photo anywhere on the internet? this is a matter of crucial importance because as our household pin-up we're not impressed that you've been replaced by the fresh bloody prince of bel air, and we can't even find a photo to stick on the tv and dream of the day you return. if you're a different tony, then we wish to apologise, although perhaps you could assist us on our mission. we particularly wish to apologise if you are an Antonia, not an Anthony.

Anyway, sorry.

P.S. If you are really him can we have a photo to make the 6 o'clock hour fly by.