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16th January 2004Zulu Dawn DVD
By George Smith
The re-issue of the Zulu Dawn DVD is worse than the original,if that's possible.
It says on the box Aspect Ratio 16x9. Only the titles it then zooms out to full screen.
Sound it says is Dolby Stereo, rubbish,it's Mono.
The print is full of grain made worse by blowing it up to Full Screen.
At 15.99 not a best by I think.
16th January 2004John Young

No added extras - like your 'Making of ...'?

John Y.
19th January 2004George Smith
Just the same as the original release, c**p.
20th January 2004Peter Dishal
Thanks for the warning, George. I was just about to order it, in fact; won't bother to now, of course.