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18th January 2004Interview with Sheldon Hall
By Steven Sass
With all this talk about a new version of Zulu, on a lark I typed "Zulu Remake" into a Google search. Nothing too concrete turned up but I did come across this interview with Sheldon regarding his participation in the DVD re-release. The link is:

Well done Sheldon!
18th January 2004Steven Sass
Sorry all, I just tested the link and while it takes one to the site, it doesn't route directly to the interview. Simply type Zulu into the site search and the proper link will be the first on the list.

19th January 2004Diana Blackwell
Thanks for the link. The interview is very interesting.
19th January 2004Sheldon Hall
Gosh, I'd forgotten about this one! Looking back through my responses, I stand by most of what I said, except of course that the book still isn't out yet. It's nearly finished - the manuscript should be delivered to my publisher in a few weeks' time - and if he gets a move on with editing, etc, it should be in the shops by the autumn. I was a little over-ambitious in saying that there would be a detailed critical analysis of the film as well as a production history: that will have to await another publication (I have several follow-ups in mind) because the making-of is already looking to be about 100,000 words....
20th January 2004Diana Blackwell
It's too bad the making-of book won't have room for the critical stuff, because I was really looking forward to that part. It's probably a little early to be asking you about this, but...any idea when your second ZULU book will be coming out?
21st January 2004Sheldon Hall
It is indeed a bit premature, though I should say by way of qualification to my earlier remarks that the imminent book will include a good of comment on and analysis of the script, characterisation, interpretation of history, etc, as well as on direction, acting, editing, music, etc, in the course of discussing their various contributions to making the film what it is. But the scene-by-scene commentary I'd hope to include probably deserves a short book (or a very long essay or chapter) in itself. Right now there's just too much to include. What else I publish on ZULU may also depend on how well the first book does!
3rd February 2004Leigh Tarrant
Sheldon - Did you get a chance to interview John Barry for the new book?
3rd February 2004Sheldon Hall
I did - by phone from his home in Oyster Bay, New York. I think by now I have interviewed almost everybody directly connected with the film who is still alive and traceable - with one or two notable exceptions.