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20th January 200424th print.
By l.j.knight
the memorial print of the twenty fourth regiment,i was lucky enough to purchase no 195 out of a print run of 1000, as a limited edition i expect that they would be sold out by now. is this the case? are there plans to print more? where did the original come from?i can see it was printed by W.M.Tolley[priter and publisher to the queen]and was entered at stationers hall......details please! ie,date of pulication,any thing on Tolleys of Manchester, when it was presented to the regiment,ect...regards [ sorry if its been done to death].
20th January 2004Alan Critchley
The print was produced by Ian Knight. Check the website for availability. 42.50 unframed inc. P&P.

20th January 2004Bill Fine
Interestingly, the memorial print was issued in more than one version. I have an original copy which differs somewhat from the copy which was reprinted by Ian Knight. There are differences in both the casualty list and the text recounting the battle.
21st January 2004l.j.knight
thanks Alan already got a copy. to clarify, in what circumstances was the print published, who commisioned it, when was it presented [or ] associated to the regiment, is the print still avaiable in the site shop the remains of the original run, has there been a Fine, you say the print was issued in more than one version,[issued by whom please] i am more than interested in your differing print, is there any way i can view an image of it...or even the different text ..regards