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25th January 2004chatham weekend
By alun jones
just returned from the zulu war weekend at chatham, my thanks to john young and team for a good time.
it was good to meet the prince, old friends and make new ones, also so many genuine decendants.
if you read this john, mr. mason the only living decendant of pte mason [rorke's drift] was hospitalised with a stroke on friday night.
25th January 2004Roger Morgan
Morning all, as I've already recieved a phone call from a very concerned person regarding Mr Mason's hospitalisation, I think we should point out that this isn't Graham Mason of the 1879 Group who is on his way, if he hasn't arrived yet, at Chiswick where he is taking part in the unveiling of the blue plaque to Fredrick Hitch. I'm sure that we all wish Mr Mason a speedy recovery and on his restoration to health I'm equally sure that Graham would like to chat with him as they share both the same name and mutual interest.
Slasher Morgan
25th January 2004alun jones
it would appear that some people have mistaken MR. D MASON with this graham mason, but i did say "THE ONLY LIVING DECENDANT" of pte mason.
25th January 2004Peter Ewart
Yes, I too thoroughly enjoyed the Chatham event - didn't bump into every face I had intended to but was pleased to be able to meet and put a face to many names from this forum.

The Diehards get better every time, the stalls were good again - picked up one or two old titles to plug some gaps - & was delighted that Lee Stevenson & Alan Baynham Jones made an appearance, enabling me to acquire their superb new book, "Rorke's Drift by Those Who Were There" (what a comprehensive compilation!)

John Young's talk has made me (not a computer buff) seriously consider upgrading from slides to Powerpoint and it was instructive to note how Julian Whybra, not content with the simultaneous use of slides and OHP, could at the same time brandish a Martini-Henry while summoning a distant bugle call from the parade ground exactly on cue!

A frustrating eleventh-hour snag prevented me rushing off to Chatham to fit in the service today. Any reports?

26th January 2004Roger Morgan
Regarding my previous entry re Mr Mason Sorry, chaps, if I've offended anyone. Just trying to help to clear up a simple confusion of identity.
Regards to all.
Slasher Morgan
26th January 2004William Hitch
I agree with all you say Peter a wounderful weekend and the Diehards are so professional unlike some re-enactors. Well done to all the organisers.
W. Hitch
26th January 2004Julian Whybra
Peter, I subsequently checked with the Diehards. They are adamant that no bugle call was sounded by them during my talk. It must have come from beyond the grave. Another Isandhlwana myth?
26th January 2004John Young

It was the heat in that room playing tricks on poor old Peter's eyes & ears. I had a few bugle calls during my Rorke's Drift talk, both on Saturday & Sunday. Good job it only happened then and not on Thursday or Friday, someone might have been trampled by the rush of squaddies responsing to the call to "Fall In."

John Y.
26th January 2004Peter Ewart
Ah, but this one occurred when Julian was about to describe the orderly retreat of the front line companies - so it must have been sounding the order to "Retire" ... !!!

27th January 2004Julian Whybra
Peter speaks true - we all heard it!!!! It's another Myth in the Making, i tell you!!!