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31st January 2004Natal Mounted Police question
By Chris
Does anybody know if the Natal Mounted Police still exists today or if they were absorbed into the South African Police Service?
31st January 2004John Young

Of the top of my head, I believe they became part of the Natal Police in 1912, which I think was in turn absorbed into the S.A.P. in 1913.

John Y.
3rd February 2004Andy Williams

I cant vouch for the dates but the NMP were definately incorporated into the SAP (now SAPS).

Andy Williams
6th February 2004AMB
I think you'll find that the NMP, called the NP after 1890 (sometime?) was subsumed into the SAP (1913) and also the CMR (the rural units?). Sorry, can't think of the exact numbers & who went where - I'm not in study & therefore my copy of Holt's book is not avail.

9th February 2004AMB
Futher to my last, the Natal Police formed the 2nd and 3rd Regts of the South African (not Cape!) Mounted Rifles in 1913. The remainder went into the newly formed SAP.
Source: Holt "The Mounted Police Of Nata"l (1913) & Tylden "The Armed Forces Of SA 1659 - 1954" (1954, reprinted 1982). You might also see Wood's "Natal Past & Present" (1962)

8th March 2004Chris
does anybody know the ranks for the NMP? I imagine its like Constable, Corporal Sergeant, Inspector, Superinentdent, and so forth, but does anybody know the exact system?
8th March 2004John Young

I would say from the grave markers that the constables were actually referred to as 'Troopers'. I can't assist re-their exact system, but there were certainly sub-inspectors in their rank structure.

John Y.