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1st February 2004The word 'Isandlwana'
By Phil Read
Can anyone answer this simple question: What does 'Isandlwana' mean?
I was lucky enough to be there over the 22/23/24 January and asked two guides the same question. One said it meant 'looks like a house or home', the other said it meant 'looks like a fist'. On my return to the UK, I read an article covering the weekend in the Daily Telegraph which stated that Isandlwana is '... A Zulu name for the shape of a cow's second stomach, which the craggy mountain is said to resemble.' I'm confused!
1st February 2004Julian whybra
Little Hut and also used as the word for the second stomach of a cow which resembles that shape.
4th February 2004Phil Read

Thanks for your reply.