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2nd February 2004Atlanta Cutlery Martini-Henrys
By David Colbourne
I would like to obtain one of these rifles, but am a little unsure how to go about importing one into the UK. As they are regarded as antiques in the USA and the UK does anyone know what paperwork is required to import them and the likely shipping costs. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

2nd February 2004Bill Cainan

Atlanta Cutlery will NOT ship Martini-Henry's to buyers in the UK.

However, they do have an associate company in the UK - Firepower International, who are based in Godstone, in SurreyTheir telephone number is 01883 742696.

However, do not expect to get them at same prices as advertised on the Atlanta Cutlery website! The prices are now more akin to the normal UK prices for Martini-Henrys. A Mk IV will sell for 465 and a MkIII for about 650. They have also been in deep preservative for quite a long time and will take some effort to clean up.

Good luck

3rd February 2004AMB
Have you tried the Armoury in Brighton? They had at least three last time I was in the UK - two wks ago.

3rd February 2004James Garland
I have looked in the Armoury in Brighton on a couple of occasions and I have to say I think their stock is the most expensive I have ever seen and the most badly labelled . E.G. a mark 4 Martini with an 1880s stamp labelled as a zulu war rifle and selling for 950 !!!!!

4th February 2004AMB

i must admit once i'd seen the 900+ price tag, my own interest waned. And the staff in there are some of the least interested I've yet encountered. However, as they are in the UK & your original question suggested that you are in the UK & wanted a Martini, my first relpy was actually meant to be helpful! Next time I'll look a bit harder at the weapons before I send anyone off one false trips...!

5th February 2004David Colbourne
Thanks for the info, everyone. It's a bit disappointing Atlanta Cutlery don't ship to the UK though. Gkood priced rifles. I'll contact Firepower International for a quote. Cleaning rifles is part of the pleasure of owning them! I once acquired a .577 Snider that looked as if it had been buried for a century or so. A bit (lot) of work and it came up nicely!

6th February 2004James Garland
The armoury is still worth visiting just to look at the rifles. The more you look at, the more you get to know what to look for. I remember looking for years at various assegai's until I found what I was looking for. I ended up with the best example I'd ever seen at a very reasonable price. I recall John Young showing me a knobkerrie he'd bought in a London junk market that was labelled as a shelaleigh. Keep looking. You'll find what you wan't at the right place somewhere. Finally if you want to see a Martini Henri in top condition visit the National Army Museum in Chelsea, London.