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4th February 2004Colour-Sergeant Bourne
By P. Christian
to have displayed such a calm exterior and conduct himself so well, I cannot understand why he did not receive a Victoria Cross. I personally feel he did far more than some of the recipients. Regardless of the fact he presumably refused theV.C. for promotion. It is my honest belief he should have been awarded this honour.
4th February 2004Julian whybra
Are you being too heavily influenced by the film?
4th February 2004Robert Jones
I thought the Victoria Cross was only awarded for deeds of valour above and beyond the call of duty.
Colour-Sergeant Bourne was only doing his duty, albeit very well---nothing more, nothing less.
4th February 2004John Young

No the Victoria Cross wasn't always awarded for actions above & beyond the call of duty. There were instances were it was awarded by ballot, a number of these were awarded in the Indian Mutiny. It was the unit, rather than an individual being rewarded, but as no "unit citation" existed in the British Army, the award was given to a person.

P. Christian,

Could you point me in the direction of your source for your comment: 'Regardless of the fact he presumably refused theV.C. for promotion.' What fact?

John Y.
4th February 2004Simon Copley
I think Julian is right. In the film Zulu, the role depicted by Colour Sgt Bourne's character is far closer to the real life actions of James Langley Dalton - who did get the VC.
9th February 2004Martin Heyes
I suspect that P.Christian IS or HAS been influenced by the film Zulu - and I concur with Julian's comment above. I wonder why P. Christian has not sen fit to reply to John Young's query/

I ventuire to suggest that P. Christian is confusing Bourne with Padre George Smith.