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8th February 2004Veteran of Rorke's Drift?
By Kevin Crichton
There is an (alleged) story that one of the VC medal winners (or possibly of another award) is actually buried in the cemetery in Fleetwood, Lancashire, UK. According to this site, this is not the case, but does anyone have anything to contradict this story or perhaps know how it has arisen?
9th February 2004rai england
There is a Isandlwana 24th casualty in fleetwood cemetery it is on the Keynshamlighthorse website, which is now the story might have got contradicted somehow in the telling over the years. Rai KLH
10th February 2004Peter Weedon

I understood that the only British casualty from Isandhlwana to be buried in England is Lt Anstey in St John's Woking. Or is this another myth?

10th February 2004John Young

I think what Rai means is that Drummer 2nd-24th/2161 John Anderson's death at Isandlwana is recorded on a family headstone in Fleetwood, Lancs.

John Y.