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9th February 2004Other Nationalities @ RD?
By Simon Copley
According to your blurb on "Zulu" there were 24 men of "other nationalities" among the 24th, apart from English, Irish, Scots and Welsh. Really? Where from?
9th February 2004John Young

I've just checked this section myself and found what the same as you, glad I wasn't responsible for the error.

What I believe it should say is '...and 24 others whose nationality has not been established.'

I looked in Norman Holmes' 'The Noble 24th', I'm not sure whether Norman is responsible for the figures there, as he died prior to book's completion. However, the figure given there is 21 of 'Unknown' nationality. I assume the other three are accounted for by two men born in British India & Bromhead being born in France.

John Y.
10th February 2004Simon Copley
Whew! I thought it was an error. It made the Rorke's Drift roll of defendersound like that of the Alamo. Given the past history of this forum I had visions of hundreds of new threads claiming RD as a Danish, Swedish, American, German, French, Italian, Czech, Austrian, Spanish victory etc etc etc!!

Perhaps lots of new versions of Zulu could be produced with the soldiers singing Santa Lucia, Tannenbaum, the Marsellaise, the Star Spangled Banner or The Blue Danube to keep their morale up?

Cheers again
11th February 2004Steven Etchells
Now that you mention it, I am surprised that Hollywood hasn't made a version of Zulu where the 7th Cavalry save the Brits. After all wasn't it the 7th Cavalry who turned the tide at Waterloo.
11th February 2004Alan Critchley
You're certainly a picky lot! I've changed 'Unknown nationality' to has 'whose nationality has not been fully established'. Will that do?

Alan (whose nationality has been fully established)
11th February 2004John Young

I thought you were from Monmouthshire?

12th February 2004Simon Copley
Sorry Alan, just trying to clear something up!
Steve! That was the Prussians singing "German German Overalls"

Simon (from England, living in Wales, formerly in Cwmbran - Ex-Monmouthshire)