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12th February 2004Proposed coach trip to Compiègne
By John Young
Having discussed this briefly yesterday with Alan, I am just sounding out if anyone is interested in a coach trip to Compiègne, to visit the Museum of the 2nd Empire, later this year.

Cost will depend on the interest shown, if you're up for it, please drop me an e-mail.

I'll try and avoid clashing any 1st World War events that might be taking place in the area.

John Y.
12th February 2004Lee Stevenson
I can highly recommend the museum, especially the special section devoted to the Prince Imperial....and that is despite the fact that our French guide stated that the "British" had conspired with the Zulus to get the Prince killed and that "someone" had tampered with his stirrups so that he fell off at just the right moment.....

Don't forget the magnificent castle at Pierrefonds, just down the road from Compiegne, which was all set to be the Prince's private residence...

12th February 2004Steven Etchells
Was he being serious or did he say it tongue in cheek?
12th February 2004Clive Dickens
I would be very interested but one question will it include the ladies too?
12th February 2004John Young

If they so desire, I don't see any problem. Provided that don't hijack the coach and carry on to Paris.

John Y.
12th February 2004Lee Stevenson

No, I'm afraid to say she was deadly serious...

16th February 2004Alan Critchley

I think it's a good idea and we would love to go, even though "I don't hold with abroad and think that foreigners speak English when our backs are turned". (Quentin Crisp)

How feasible is it to take in his final resting place in Farnborough on the way?

16th February 2004John Young

No I don't think it is feasible at all.

The Abbey at Farnborough only allows visitors of a Saturday afternoon. They are most strict about this too.

What could be done is south-east London trip - Woolwich - Chislehurst - possibly on to Farnborough. We did that in a van that was fun!

John Y.