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14th February 2004TIme for a QUIZ?
By Peter Ewart
Anyone for a quick quiz? It shouldn't extend you too much.

Provide me with a surname from each of the following clues:

1) NCO corroborated by Chard & (eventually) by Bourne. Born on the NWF.

2) "Of course, nothing will happen..." Brevet rank?

3) Reg'tal No 2644 of 2/24 didn't get the clasp. Victor? Vaughan? Vivian? (A bit obscure? OK, get the others first and arrive at this one via process of elimination!)

4) But Pte (25B/2102, 1/24) did! Oswald? Oliver? Obscure again? As for above!

5) If Rorke (or Wit) didn't undertake the job with his bare hands, presumably he employed the appropriate craftsman? If so, his name is lost to posterity but his skill is not, as the destruction of his work lit up history.

6) (Over?)-cautious Brevet Colonel, whose derided advice invoked jocular links with a popular medical remedy - until Isandlwana, presumably. However, his surname doesn't fit the answer neatly so we must subtract three letters. To choose exactly which three (not "fore!") select a successful RSA sportsman.

Arrange the six surnames in suitable chronological order, by which time you'll have long guessed why any portraits of them you come across will undoubtedly be "cabinet" photos rather than "cartes-de-visites."

Don't hang about, now.

15th February 2004John Young

They all lived at No. 10.

15th February 2004John Young

Quick amendment except for No. 6, who actually lives at No. 11, because of the size of his family.

15th February 2004Peter Ewart
What kept you, John? Full (& humorous) answer provided by JY by email (really didn't expect you to hide your light under a bushel!) appears to have arrived around 2 am.

Chronological order is, of course, Heath, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major & Blair (with optional reversal of order of first two).

Will have to be MUCH harder next time!

15th February 2004John Young

I'm still waiting for the answers to Martin's quiz, to be announced.

The harder the better!

John Y.