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16th February 2004Zulu-related TV commercial
By Sheldon Hall
Some time last year a commercial ran on British television which, I believe, parodied ZULU and/or ZULU DAWN. I was never able to catch the ad, but would like to know more. Can anyone recall any details of the commercial and, importantly, what it was advertising?
16th February 2004Mo Jones.
Hi Sheldon.

If I remember corectly it was to do with the
R A C.

16th February 2004Mo Jones

I mean't correctly. It shows extras during a
lunch break and the uniforms are either from
Zulu or Zulu Dawn. There was a serious of
adverts with famous films used as a theme.
No doubt someone will correct me Sheldon
but that is all I remember about them.

Best wishes.

17th February 2004Darren Holt
Hello There,
The ad was for the RAC ,who for a period were sponsering the channel 5 evening movie,and these ads would appear at the start and end of ad breaks during the movie.I think this was the only place you could see them.Ive got a recollection that there were at least 2 of these ads based on zulu.
As i recall they mimicked the opening shots showing the aftermath of Isandhlwana from Zulu.The 2 guys slumped over a cannon in the forground sit up and chat to each other during a break in filming.
I tried videoing them on a number of occassions but typically the nights i tried the other versions of the ads,based on other films/genres,were used instead.
Hope this is of some help.
18th February 2004Sheldon Hall
Many thanks to both of you. Their being on C5 would explain why I didn't see them - my reception of that channel is lousy. I will be making a reference to this ad in the Making-of-ZULU book and will give you both proper acknowledgement!
18th February 2004Mo Jones.
Hi Sheldon.

Many thanks

Best wishes.


The 1879 Group.
19th February 2004Darren Holt
Hi Sheldon
Glad to be of some help.Can't wait to see the book.
20th February 2004Colin Blackler
I recall an advert I saw in the cinema around the mid 70`s that depicted a Rorkes Drift lookalike with redcoats surrounded by warriors. It was a lot longer than the C5 effort.
Maybe Pearl and Dean would have some record of it, If pushed I would say it was 76 or 77.
20th February 2004John Young

Wasn't that a Hamlet cigar advert?

John Y.
20th February 2004Colin Blackler
Thanks for that, I think you are right. I have been trying to remember what it was advertising, but do I remember it was humerous, When it started I thought it was a trailer for a follow on to Zulu and then the dissapointment of realising it was a micky take. Still I didnt have to wait to long for the prequel.

20th February 2004Sheldon Hall
Yes, I do remember the 70s ad - I think it was for Benson & Hedges (or other) cigarettes rather than Hamlet cigars, but I have an extract on tape somewhere so I can check it out. This ad was in fact directed by Alan Parker (now Sir Alan, chair of the Film Council), who parodied a number of other films in commercials, including BRIEF ENCOUNTER.
20th February 2004Keith
Actually it was for Silk Cut! ..When I discovered the Redcoats at Rorke's Drift were puffing Silk Cuts' I immediately switched more Marlboro cowboys for me!!!
2nd July 2004Jamie
And if I remember rightly at the end the Zulu chief holds up a blood/dirt/vomit etc stained tunic and says something like 'and for those stubborn stains, try new Zoot!' Quality entertainment, don't you think