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22nd February 2004The 'Zulu' Stampede
By Ray
Just got the MGM DVD of 'Zulu'. Interested in the authenticity of the scene showing the stampeding cattle. I'm guessing that is more poetic license from the writers. But it makes an interesting speculation. As a former dairy farmer I know full well the sheer power and terror evoked by even a handful of "spooked" holstein cows as they literally run through you (evidenced by a 4 in. scar to repair my severly dislocated shoulder!). I have no doubt a stampeding herd of longhorn cattle would provide an extremely effective barricade.
23rd February 2004John Young

In all of the contemporary accounts I've studied there is no reference to a stampede of cattle. The Zulu warriors actually occupied one of the cattle kraals (corrals). I think your guess is right poetic licence on behalf of the film-makers.

John Y.