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26th February 2004A cinematic image of Smith-Dorrien
By John Young
All this recent talk of Isandlwana survivors caused me to do a web-search. I was pleased to say I came up with something I been looking for some while.

I found on the following link, footage from the 1924 movie 'Mons', showing Smith-Dorrien portraying himself:

John Y.
26th February 2004staci
i know this has nothing to do with your subject but i really need to know how much th swb badge is. i think i have found a original one and iv looked everywhere to find out but iv got no reply please help!!!
26th February 2004David Gardner
I came across that site only a few months back and complained to the owner-wrongly- that there was no mention of Horace!
Now if ever there was a man with a story to tell wouldn't it be him?-what a potential script!!

I can just see it now,set your imagination- it starts off with an old man driving a car in 1930's England.Suddenly, there's the crash -passers by come to help, but its too late.Comments are made about the poor old soul's fragilty
- then wham, we're back in South Africa 1879 to a fearless young man with all the world ahead of him! Isandhlwana comes up, then his glory and courage at Le Cateau

Boy's Own stuff indeed!!!
27th February 2004David Alan Gardner

You're strangely quiet on this, I wonder if you have a wee project going.............?
27th February 2004John Young
No the wee project is tidy up the p.c. room to the Memsahib's standards or else!

John Y.