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27th February 2004The Isandlwana Camera Voodoo
By Neil Aspinshaw
In my two visits to Isandlwana I have experienced difficulties with mt camera, the first time my trusty OM10 SLR hideously over exposed the images, this year my Pentax completely threw in the towel and came up with some unknown error on the LCD panel. Talking to some of the lads they too have had problems, anyone else out there who have had the Isandlwana camera curse?
27th February 2004Mike McCabe
Light levels, particularly when reflected off rock faces and the dried grass can be higher than you might think.
If your camera focuses automatically, it might also set its own focus wrongly - a particular problem while photographing the mountain whilst being too close to it.
Is it possible that your film has sufered from heat, perhaps having been left in direct sunshine or a hot parked car.
2nd March 2004Stephen Coan
I had a camera completely pack up on me at Isandlwana last year while on an assignment for the Witness. The solution was to nip off to the Lodge and buy one of those disposable cameras - which worked perfectly. Would be interested to hear of the problems encountered by "some of the lads".
2nd March 2004scott carson
I have to say there was nothing wrong with my camera at Isandlwana as my wife took photos of me as I lay dead after the re-enactment!!!! (presumably for insurance reasons)
3rd March 2004neil aspinshaw
I recieved an e-mail from Graham Alexander the other day, his camera went AWOL at Isandlwana. Rob Caskey (of Fugitives Drift) wrote to me also, two guests staying after the 125th, also had camera troubles!.
That said our digital did us proud!.
We were at the NAM lectures last year two other visitors we spoke tom had camera problems.... wierd?.
5th March 2004Stephen Coan
Neil, thanks for your response. I'll be going up there next week on an assignment for the Witness (unrelated to this topic thread) and will ask some of those living "on site" if they have had any odd camera experiences/anecdotes.
5th March 2004Neil Aspinshaw
going to Isandlwana again?, whilst I look at the miserable grey skies over Nottingham.. six weeks since coming back from RD. I can only be green with envy.... may all your cameras go pop and your films go grey!

10th March 2004Stephen Coan
Just about to set off from Maritzburg - and the skies look about as grey as those over Nottingham. Will check the film when I get back.
11th March 2004Stephen Coan
There was some anecdotal confirmation of "the camera voodoo", though nothing concrete. Also story of a car audio tape consistently stopping and starting at the same point on the road from Isandlwana to Rorke's Drift.

Considering the number of cameras used at the site perhaps not surprising that some occasionally go on the blink.