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27th February 2004south welsh border badge
By staci
Urgent!! i have found one army cap south welsh border badge, connected withe egypt. Is this badge worth anything? it is im aculate condition. Found it in ireland i would like to know why is it in ireland if the badge is linked with wales and egypt.
27th February 2004James Garland
It's difficult to answer your question without a description of the badge. But a word of warning. For every genuine badge out there you will find two restrikes.

28th February 2004Martin Everett
When you original contacted me you were indicating that the badge you had was linked with the Zulu war which could have been more valuable. If you have a Borderers badge - SWB, sphinx, egypt within a wreath - this was introduced in 1898 and was used up until 1960s when the Welsh Brigade badge was introduced.

The 1st Battalion was stationed in Ireland - Dublin, and various places in Co Meath beween 1920 and 1922.
28th February 2004Justin Young

A SWB badge will probably fetch around 6-15, if original and not a restrike as James sais.

As to why it is in Ireland, well as Martin sais, it could be from when they were stationed there - which is a possibility but more likely why does anything turn up in different places (and I mean anything)- why for example to German helmets turn up in the UK, we never invaded by the Germans!! or why does boomarang turn up in the uk!!- people buy things or they are in the family. They sell them or loose them. Other people obtain the item and move house etc. etc.

28th February 2004staci
yes martin the bafge is in a wreath. so it isnt valuble? thank you everyone
28th February 2004James Garland
Don't worry that it isn't valuable. It's still a beautiful badge. The South Wales Borderers badge is one of the most balanced and pleasing infantry badges you can get. The wreath badge would have been of the type worn by the South Wales Borderers in the First World War.