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4th March 2004House of Lords
By Peter Ewart
While dozing the night before last, but with one ear on "Yesterday in Parliament" on Radio 4, my semi-slumbers were arrested by hearing the recording of a peer announcing (in a debate about Iraq) that no military invasion had ever been mounted with as little justification since Lord Chelmsford had invaded Zululand. Loud guffaws followed (from our Lordships, not me).

Anyone else catch it? Who was the peer, please? Haven't seen it reported in the press but could have missed it. (I know, I know - "always go back to the original source" but it's easier to ask here than wade through Hansard!)
4th March 2004John Young

Admit it you were asleep? Because if you weren't you would have realised that it was the Commons and not the Lords.

Sir Peter Tapsell (Conservative representing Louth & Horncastle) asked of the Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, whether any British leader had been so uninformed about a selected enemy since Lord Chelmsford invaded Zululand?

Frankly, this Tory has got it wrong - Lord Chelmsford uninformed, I think not, the British Army which invaded Zululand in 1879, were very well informed about the enemy. The fact that this information was ignored is another matter.

John Y.
4th March 2004Peter Ewart

Yes, clearly I was dead to to the world! Perhaps he should have made his comment to this forum instead of in the Commons ...

4th March 2004John Young

Its that steam-powered crystal set, that makes you tired isn't it?

John Y.