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12th March 2004Zulu Autographs
By Nigel Cole
Some time back I started collecting autographs from 'Zulu' and now have a pretty good selection, and from there I moved into collecting signed pieces from the period. Now while I know that a Chard, Bromhead or Chelmsford is going to be prohibitively rare and expensive, I was stunned to find that I have been able to add Bartle Frere, Bishop Colenso, Redvers Buller and Garnet Wolsey to my collection for less than my Stanley Baker autograph cost me when I purchased it 6 years ago! Can anybody explain why collecting the period autographs doesn't seem to be as competitive a field as the film autographs?
12th March 2004John Young

Shhh, don't tell everyone. By the way, a King Cetshwayo autograph was sold at auction this week.

I think that price depends alot on if the autograph is on a photograph, or merely clipped from a letter. As to the film stuff, don't worry about that - just go for the real thing.

John Y.
13th March 2004Edward Garcia

One reason for the apparent affordability of Buller, Wolseley and Wood autographs has to do with the great numbers of examples that are available on the market. These men and others such a Roberts had military careers that in some cases lasted upwards of fifty years so they had the opportunity to sign thousands if not tens of thousands of official documents not to mention untold numbers of personal correspondence during that time.

Of all the hard to get pieces that you mentioned probably the hardest to find would be something signed by Gonville Bromhead. He seems – to me at least – to have not taken much to his celebrity and probably signed fewer autographs than Chard did. Of course autographs of any of the other defenders of Rorke’s Drift are probably even harder to get one’s hands on especially the other VC’s such as Hook or Dalton. I wonder if there are any confirmed autographs of Schiess or Adendorf on the market on in collections. I am pretty sure there are no confirmed photos of either men.