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18th March 2004"Zulu" DVD available in U.S. with extra features?
By Rick Slater
I see that an extrended version of the DVD "Zulu" is available in the UK with extra features - does anyone know if there is a version available that plays on US/Canadian DVD players? All I see is the "basic" version.
19th March 2004Leigh Tarrant
Try checking Amazon USA....or internet movie database. plenty of links from there. I used to have a widescreen copy of just ZULU from Hong Kong (Region 1) good quality print but again, no extra features.....
20th March 2004Edward Garcia

The best version of Zulu available form play on US DVD players is put out by MGM. It is widescreen and the picture quality is the best I have seen. There are no "extras" on this version other than the original theatrical trailer and subtitles - English, French and Spanish.