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18th March 2004Isandhlwana survivor
By Colleen Malan
Can anyone help me with any information on
Roger William Eden Tyler who was a Blacksmith\Wagonmaker at the time of the Battle of Isandhlwana, and apparently survived the Battle.
18th March 2004John Young

There was a Trooper R. Tyler in Baker's Horse, an irregular cavalry unit raised in the wake of Isandlwana.

The name doesn't appear on any list of survivors I have seen.

John Y.
19th March 2004Julian Whybra
I have no evidence of anyone by that name surviving. What is your source?
19th March 2004colleen malan
Thank you John and Julian for your replies.
Firstly our sourse is word of mouth, Tyler is my Great Grandfather and we have little information on him. There is also a story that he was an escort to ex empress Eugenie when she came to SA to see her sons grave.
One of his eighty year old grandchildren has told us that there was a photograph taken of three men and Eugenie and he is the middle one. If he was attached to Bakers Horse it could be possible that this is true.
Thank you for your help
19th March 2004John Young

If he were part of the escort to the former Empress Eugenie, during her visit in 1880, then he would have been a member of the Natal Mounted Police.

If you can obtain a copy of the photograph, I should be able to tell you whether or not he is wearing a N.M.P. uniform.

John Y.
20th March 2004Julian Whybra
There were no Baker's Horse at Isandhlwana and no NMPoliceman called Tyler either I'm afraid.