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21st March 2004England's Sons
By Peter Weedon
May I congratulate Julian Whybra on his new work, England's Sons, which I have just received. Titled a Casualty and Survivors' Roll for the Battle of Isandhlwana and the Defence of Rorke's Drift, it is a superb piece of research.

It provides the regiment or corps, regimental number, rank, forename and surname of those present. The Isandhlwana section also lists those who cannot be considered to have participated in the battle, despite what may have been written or reported at the time or since.

All the information is cross-referenced with primary sources, making this an invaluable document for the serious student of the conflict.

No doubt others with greater knowledge will be able to provide a more critical review.

Peter Weedon

21st March 2004Steven Sass
Of course the question is now, how does one obtain a copy of Julian's book? As it always seems to be a more difficult endeavor, perhaps my question should be, how does one obtain a copy in the US?


21st March 2004Peter Ewart
Hear, hear. Excellent. Comprehensive & logical step forward from "The Roll Call." (Or as comprehensive as one can get with "organic" research which is obviously never finished).

Good accounts of many anomalous details and references to sources a real anorak's paradise! Slightly surprised at absence of definitive pronouncement on the controversial identity of owner(s) of dog(s) at Isandlwana & RD, as well as full names of said pets. No doubt held over for next edition ... otherwise pretty good!!!


Acquired mine via order form obtained from author at Chatham event in Jan & received by post on publication. Have little doubt JW will advise you of necessary details for mailing to US upon request. You'll enjoy it & will refer to it regularly.

22nd March 2004Bill Cainan

Received my copy this morning. I would like to echo the comments made above - what a superb piece of work.

I look forward to the eventual publication of Julian's Doctorial thesis on Isandlwana . Julian, you will be publishing it, I trust/hope ?

22nd March 2004Julian Whybra
Thank you for the comments - I am aware that this site is not to serve as a basis for advertizing products so don't want to say too much. I would welcome being notified of any obvious errors/typos. Steven, I am discussing outlets/publishing at the moment but in the interim copies can be obtained from me direct. Peter, you are right about the second edition, as just this week I've received confirmation of the identity of one of the waggon drivers kia at Isandhlwana, so I do see it as an ongoing updatable document and I do hope it will prove useful as a reference work.
23rd March 2004Peter Critchley
Shameless advert.. It's available from this site ;-)

All the best,

1st April 2004john page
Would you kindly advise me where icould obtain a copy of the book Englands Sons please. many thanks.
1st April 2004Alan Critchley
as Peter said,

2nd April 2004john page
thanks alan, it has been ordered.regards john.