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7th April 2004Rorke's Drift Toy Soldiers
By Zack Fry
I am an avid 1/32 scale toy soldier collector, and have for a while had a very keen interest in the Zulu War. Not long ago, I was able to acquire in whole the Conte sets based on ZULU, i.e. both the Hospital and "Chapel" at Rorke's Drift, as well as the "Last Redoubt". It's of course a delightful thing to set up every once in a while, knowing that every detail has been taken into account to make it an accurate reproduction of the film. However, I'm now interested in setting up an historically accurate Rorke's Drift. I have well over 120 men of the 24th, so that's no problem, and I have at least 300 Zulus. I can undoubtedly set up the terrain (The garden, theledge of rocks, the bushes, etc.) I am well aware that Form Tech makes a reproduction of the storehouse, but does anyone know a company that makes a 1/32 scale historically accurate hospital building?
7th April 2004Remo Winkler
Hi there

Try it at!
8th April 2004John Young

I have to say, having followed the link that Remo recommended, the buildings are based on the film set, rather than the actual buildings.

John Y.
8th April 2004Remo Winkler
Hi John

what you think about this?

8th April 2004John Young

Same again, I'm afraid, the buildings portrayed are the film's version, not the real thing.

John Y.
8th April 2004Dewi Evans
Hi Zack,

Have you had a look at the Battlements Models web site at They build them to order, and have done the Rorke's Drift buildings in the past, in various scales!!
I recently purchased a very nice, historicaly correct, Rorke's Drift set from Musket Miniatures but this is in 15mm scale.

Dewi Evans.
19th April 2004bec
Are there any cheap toy 24th soldiers/Zulu for sale out there? The ones I've seen have always been 5-10 each, and it's too much! I want the toys, not the models ;oP

Thanks, Bec.
20th April 2004Simon Copley
bec if 20mm plastic is good enough your best bet is the ESCI series.