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7th April 2004ZULU Conference Panel
By Sheldon Hall
Anyone within reach of Bangor on Saturday, 17 April, may wish to know about a panel discussion concerning the film ZULU, to be held as part of a conference at the University of Wales Bangor organised by the Media Wales Journal. The panellists include Lady Baker and Ian Knight and there will also be a screening of the film. The session is due to last from 4.00-7.30pm and further details, including how to book, can be found by following the link below.
7th April 2004Martin Everett
Dear Sheldon,
There was going to be a similar 'Zulu' event at the Aberystwyth campus. Have you heard any details on this?
7th April 2004Diana Blackwell
Sounds great...but some of us live too far away to attend. Will this event be videotaped or otherwise documented? I'd love to hear all about it, especially any new information that comes to light.
7th April 2004Mo Jones

I belive what you are on about is this The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth
are on June the 13th opening their new
auditorium and they are running a competetion
called " Pick of The Wales Flick " and if your
choice is the winner your prize is a ZULU dvd
and a Zulu poster signed by Michael Caine.

For further details here is the e mail address
printed in our local paper:

[email protected]

Hope this is of help.



P.S: They have printed a list of 100 Welsh films to choose from and of course one is
8th April 2004Mo Jones
Just seen a poster in Aberystwyth and Ian
and Lady Baker are coming here also.

8th April 2004Mo Jones.
Hi Sheldon.

Here is the advert for the Zulu film evening in
Aberystwyth on the 18th

Best wishes.


Sun 18 April / Sul 18 Ebrill 7pm

Archif Genedlaethol Sgrin a Sain Cymru yn cyflwyno:

The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales present:

Zulu (PG)

(cyf/dir Cy Endfield, 1964)

Gyda / Starring: Stanley Baker, Michael Caine.

Stori epig a bythgofiadwy brwydr arwrol Cyffinwyr De Cymru yn erbyn y Zulu yn Rorke’s Drift ym 1879. Bydd y digwyddiad yn agor gyda thrafodaeth fer yng nghwmni Y Fonesig Ellen Baker ac Ian Knight.

The unforgettable epic story of the outnumbered South Wales Borderers’ heroic fight at Rorke’s Drift against the Zulus in 1879. The event will open with a short discussion in the company of Lady Ellen Baker and Ian Knight.

8th April 2004Sheldon Hall
Thanks, Mo. The Aberystwyth event should be worth going to. I'm told the screening at the conference on Saturday will not actually be on film, so anyone who wants the full 35mm big-screen experience should definitely attend on the 18th (why not both?).