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10th April 2004Martini Henry MK 11
By Russell Hartley - Jones
Can anyone direct me to the whereabouts of purchasing a De-activate Martini Henry MK11.
I would be very grateful for any help.
11th April 2004Adrian Whiting

If you are resident in UK you will be able to possess one without it needing to be deactivated. I would venture to go so far as to say it is better to preserve such items as they are, and not subject them to deactivation anyway - it will certainly decrease the value.

If you would like to e-mail me off forum I will gladly try and help you.


11th April 2004Bill Cainan

I've sent you an EMail direct suggesting a source from which you shouldbe able to obtain a MkII Martini-Henry rifle.

I echo Adrian's sentiments above.

Good luck

12th April 2004David Alan Gardner
Hi Bill,
Would you mind emailing me with the source too?
13th April 2004Neil Aspinshaw
Try W H Smiths, they sell a magazine called Gun Mart, the rear sections do have a good classifieds section. You often find Martinis for sale, but be prepared for big spondulux 's
The last de-ac I saw was a MK111 at 300.

The magazine has some good website inks, don,t bother trying to type in MH on a search engine, apart from a few interesting sites, there is alot about an obscure rock band called the martini henry's.

P.s. I am on the lookout for an early lee-metford if anyone is in the know?

13th April 2004David Gardner
Thanks Bill
18th April 2004Ian
I saw some nice early mkii examples, in original condition, recently at Farnham militaria fair, Victorian Militaria had them. I have their contact number if anyone requires it.
7th December 2004duncan
There is a huge auction of zulu war militaria on 14 Dec at Anderson and Garland auctioneers in Newcastle pon tyne, all from the private collection of dennis slack