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14th April 2004Lumley
By Graham Mason
Currently i am investigating the family tree of Trooper Lumley of the Carbineers who fell at Isandlwana . I have been sent a picture which indicates on a memorial that a W : LUMLEY was the person . In their books Julian Whybra and J : Young both correctly identify him as J : Lumley , since then i have had confirmation of his date of birth and his parents and am working on this topic . Also i have come across another publication in which a roll call of officers present in South AFRICA on the 26th July indicates what units were commanded by what officers and in the Colonial section the man in charge of No 2 Troop , Lonsdales Horse was one Captain LUMLEY . I know of THREE Lumley families but nothing at all on his Captain Lumley nor indeed of Lonsdales Horse . As an officer it is feasible to presume that there could be a picture of this man and perhaps someone can enlighten me on Lonsdales Horse and even on Captain Lumley ? , thank you .
14th April 2004John Young

Lonsdale's Horse, or they are recorded in Appendix D of the 'Narrative of Field Operations...' - Lonsdale's Mounted Rifles, were formed in the wake of Isandlwana by Commandant Rupert La Trobe Lonsdale, former Commandant of 3rd Regiment, Natal Native Contingent.

To quote from the 'Narrative...' - 'Raised principally at Cape Town; served with 1st Division; afterwards with Clarke's Column (two troops), and with Baker Russell's Column (one troop).'

Total strength give as: 236 Men & 234 Horses.

Disbanded in August & September of 1879.

Try the Cape Town records of the N.A.S.A. site.

John Y.
15th April 2004John Young

A check of the 'John Radburn Archive' reveals it to be Captain J. R. Lumley-Hickson, served as you state in No. 2 Troop, Lonsdale's Horse.

John Y.
15th April 2004Paul Summers
Do you have the url for the N.A.S.A. site to search the Cape Town records.

15th April 2004Keith Smith

A Captain Lumley is referred to in Local General Order No. 83 dated 12th April, 1879, Times of Natal, 18th April, 1879, as follows:

"7. Lonsdales Horse: Captain Lumley, late 13th Prussian Lancers, to be captain, dated 12th April, 1879."

There are no other references that I could find.

15th April 2004John Young

The site is:

I haven't forgotten you by the way, I'll be in touch soon, I hope.

John Y.
16th April 2004Paul Summers