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19th April 2004Black As Hell, Thick as Grass/David Kernan
By Marc Jung
Hi, again, sorry to be Mr Repetitive, but does anyone have any further info on the excellent Kenneth Griffith documentary (yet)? And it was David Kernan in another memorable film (Private Hitch) in 'Carry On Abroad', wasn't it? Thanks. Marc.
20th April 2004Alan Critchley
Dear Mr. Repetetive and anyone else who may be interested,

RDVC is in the process of looking into producing a DVD of the programme. We are checking if the costs would prove to be economical. As soon as we have further details we will post them on this site in order to gauge interest.

Alan Critchley
27th April 2004Mike McCabe
Given the large capacity of a DVD, it might be worth considering adding some other useful contents - even highlights from the set piece items and articles already on your website.

And, capture the many historical photographs that can be used without fees/copyright considerations.

A better investment of time and effort, and perhaps also a better return. Could be quite an earner. And, you'd be able to rely on selling them all sooner or later.
28th April 2004Alan critchley
28th April 2004Alan Critchley
Sorry about the above. I'm on a new faster computer.

Dear All,
first look at prices for the conversion to DVD is quite expensive. Not being on a commercial scale means that the initial conversion cost is anotised over a small number, say 100 copies.This takes the cost of production to in excess of 20 each. Even if 1000 were produced it would not reduce the price significantly. This is without any additional material being inserted.
RDVC cannot take on this expense with the uncertainty of sales prospects. So at present we won't be taking this on, unless someone wants to provide the cash up front.

Alan Critchley