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20th April 2004Zulu War radio programme
By Jameds Garland
On Monday the 26th April 2004 at 8 p.m. on BBC radio 4 there is going to be a discussion in the "What if" series This week the subject will be "What if the Zulus had won the Zulu war". For listeners not based in the U.K. you will probably be able to listen to it on the internet but of course the time quoted above is in Greenwich mean time.
20th April 2004Tarkis
Thanks for that I'm inMelbourne Australia, would I go to the BBC website to listen? Is radio 4 online?
21st April 2004James Garland
I think you can listen on line but I'm not sure how you go about it.
23rd April 2004BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4. Monday 26th April 8pm.

Professor Christopher Andrew, historian Saul David and noted Zulu War author Ian Knight discuss Rorke’s Drift.

Professor Christopher Andrew of Cambridge University asks what if major turning points in history had taken a different turn. By altering a single plausible fact, he re-examines the events of the day. The result is always thought-provoking, and refreshes our memories of what did actually happen. In suggesting an alternative history, we can reflect on how extraordinary it is that things did indeed happen in the way they did.

The Radio 4 discussion programme which re-writes history. Professor Christopher Andrew and guests consider what might have happened if important moments in History had taken a different course.

Programme 4. Rorke's Drift 26/4/2004
What If the Zulus had defeated the British in 1879 ? In this week's edition of the programme which rewrites history, Professor Christopher Andrew and his guests imagine the consequences for the British Empire and for Southern Africa of a Zulu victory. With Saul David, Ian Knight and Joanna Lewis.
24th April 2004Dave
If you want to listen to the BBC radio on the internet go to this link
You will see the radio links half way down the page. Hope this helps
24th April 2004Dave
To add to my other reply. I should have said that to use the BBC Radio you will need to download and install RealPlayer as well. Click on the BBC radio link "Launch Radio Player" Then click on the "Get Help Playing" link. You should then see a link for downloading RealPlayer. It's a little over 9Meg. Let me know if you want any more help.