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25th April 2004Barry Johnson's New Book
By Keith
I purchased a copy of Barry's book back in 1986. Then it was entitled "Rorke's Drift & the British Museum - The Life of Hnery Hook V.C." Is it worth paying 15.00 for the new one? other words, is anything substantive added from the 1986 book.
26th April 2004John Young

I haven't seen Barry's new book, as yet, but having discussed it with him last month, I believe there are a few surprises in store with this edition.

John Y.
19th May 2004Maureen Julia Jones
I have a copy of Barry's new book and it is very informative at least it puts some of the mistakes concerning many parts of his life to rights.I am Henry's great great grandaughter from his first marriage and have met Barry this new book makes very good reading.